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Every human is a special creation

The English naturalist and geologist Charles Darwin (1809-1882) is known as the father of evolution. According to the evolution theory, it was assumed that all species including man had come into existence through a common evolutionary process. According to this theory, life began in the form of a single-cellular organism. Then, after a long process of evolution, every species came into existence, including man. So, all species have a common ancestor. The process of evolution is summarised by the English evolutionary biologist Julian Huxley (1887-1975) in these words: reproduction, variation and differential survival. There were many people who cast serious doubts on this theory, however, in spite of these criticisms, the evolution theory became more and more popular till it was included in the textbooks of schools and universities. Towards the end of the 20th century, researches carried out on the human personality established that not only man, as a species, was different from other creatures, but every individual was different from other individuals within the human species. In fact, human beings are entirely distinctive from that of all other life forms — not only in terms of our intellectual capabilities, but also in terms of a distinctive trait that each individual has. All of us are alike, in terms of our anatomy, physiology and in terms of the feelings we have, but every individual has a distinctive trait. This biological fact disproves the theory of continuity among different species. There is no uniformity in nature. Man is not only qualitatively different from other species, but every individual is totally different from other individuals. This fact clearly proves that every human being is a special creation rather than a product of the long evolutionary process. This finding has settled the long discussion between evolutionists and creationists. The later discoveries are in favour of the creationists.

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