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Happiness is just a state of mind

Everyone wants to live in happiness. But everyone is deprived of happiness. Why? Because people's criterion of achieving happiness itself is unrealistic. They are trying to find happiness where it is not present.

Deeper analysis of this issue tells us that people are constantly trying to finish those things that, according to their belief, go against achieving happiness. However, this way of thinking is unnatural.

People are in a state of constant unrest, which arises from a feeling of inadequacy. The truth is that inadequacy in life is not a problem. Instead, it is a challenge. There is a positive purpose of this natural challenge. Nature wants to unfold one's inner qualities. And there is no other way except what may be termed as "shock treatment". So inadequacies are like shock treatment, meant to unfold a person's inner treasure.

The fact is that life is full of differences. Everyone tries to achieve his or her goal. This state of affairs leads to competition. And it is this competitive situation that leads to human problems or social problems. One cannot abolish people's freedom. So, one cannot even abolish the present situation that appears to be unwanted.

Then what is the solution? The answer is very simple: take the differences as challenge. When one takes problems as a challenge, one would try to meet the challenge. This will activate one's mind, motivate and unfold one's inner capacity. The challenge will give a person a new target and inculcate in him positive thinking. All these things are the result of challenges of life. If one takes the situation as a problem, one will only become negative. But if one takes problems as challenge, then one will become totally positive. Happiness and unhappiness are both states of the mind. Unhappiness is the result of negative thinking, and happiness is the result of positive thinking. Negative thinking brings unhappiness, and positive thinking brings happiness.

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