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Learn to face challenges

The British MP Enoch Powell (d. 1998) once made an interesting comment about political leaders who complain about the media.

He felt that such complaints were unnecessary or unjustified. "A politician who complains about the media," he said, "is like a ship's captain complaining about the sea."

This comment is absolutely true. It applies, however, not just to political leaders, but actually, to every person. Whenever someone complains about someone else, his or her complaint is actually a needless complaint. He or she turns an issue into a cause for complaint, although the issue is actually not something to complain about at all.

This world is established on the principles of nature. Life in this world is like a vast ocean, always full of waves. According to the law of nature and the experience of history, no person can have an absolutely smooth life in this world. Living in society, we will always have to face one wave after another, that is, we will surely have to experience unwanted and unpleasant situations. The only sensible way to deal with the waves that appear in our lives is to regard them as challenges. Instead of complaining about the waves that come our way, we should learn the art of successfully going over or bypassing them.

The fact that we have to face many waves or challenges in life is not something bad or wrong. In fact, challenges are for our own good. They come into our lives in order to train us, to increase us in wisdom and to strengthen us. The difficulties that we face in life are experiences, and without going through such experiences one cannot become a more complete person. We should learn lessons from our experiences. At the same time, we should abstain completely from complaining about them.

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