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Modesty is the source of good

The American astronaut Neil Armstrong was the first man in history who walked on the surface of the moon. After travelling for 953,054 miles in space, he reached the moon through the spaceflight Apollo 11. It was 21 July 1969. This was super-news for the whole world. That evening, I happened to visit the office of a newspaper in New Delhi. I met the news editor. I found that he was very excited. He spoke about the event jubilantly and said: "Thrilling news is pouring in." Neil Armstrong reaching the moon was in fact very small news. There was other news, more than trillion times greater than this. It was the creation of the universe as well as man. God Almighty created a universe, He created the solar system, He created the earth and the moon, He created man, He created a high technology by using which man was able to travel from the earth and descend on moon. These things are also news, far greater than the successful journey of Neil Armstrong.

But it is very strange that people know news that relates to a person, but people are quite unaware of the greater news of God Almighty. Everyone acknowledges what Neil Armstrong did. But, no one is ready to acknowledge the miraculous creation of God Almighty. This is the greatest reason for the present evils in human society. If you acknowledge God Almighty's glorious creation, it will inculcate in you a spirit of modesty. And if you fail to acknowledge this fact, and only praise a man like Neil Armstrong, it will inculcate the spirit of false arrogance. This is the main reason for all kinds of corruption in our world. Modesty is the source of all kinds of good, and arrogance is the source of all kinds of corruption. The need of the hour is to correct this state of affairs and awaken people's minds about this fact. No other remedy will work to build a better society.

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