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Work like, learn from honey bees

It is the honey-bee's culture to travel every day and reach places where flowers are available for it. The bee extracts nectar from the flower and returns to its abode. It does not care about anything else.

Where there are flowers, there are also other things like thorns, leaves, and stem. However, the honey-bee simply ignores the presence of thorns and does not waste its time complaining about the thorn. It simply extracts the nectar from the flower and returns.

This behaviour of the honey-bee gives a lesson to man in a symbolic manner: Live like the honey bee. Extract what is good for you and leave what is unwanted for you. Do not waste your time in complaining and protesting.

People generally get offended upon hearing criticism against them. This behaviour is quite against the scheme of nature. In doing so, they pay a heavy price. They deprive themselves of the "nectar" that is available for them in everything and every experience — good lesson and wise advice. Every person's environment has "nectar". Man should take the "nectar" and like the honey-bee he should ignore the "non-nectar".

Living with a focused mind is very important for every man and woman. Only the focused mind is a developed mind. When you get offended or provoked, it means you have allowed another person to disrupt your focus and break your concentration.

According to the Creation Plan of God, every human being is like a flower. Everyone has a content of nectar, that is, everyone has good experiences to share.

The only condition to extract this universal nectar is that when you meet someone, you should neither be offended nor get provoked. You should adopt the honey-bee culture. It is only this learning process that makes a man, superman.

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