Sumana Roy
Free Verse
On the death of Safdar Hashmi

I might never have heard of Safdar Hashmi had he not been killed the way he was. For I was a schoolgirl in 1989, and the limited breadth of ...

A conversation via Mithun and Hema

I looked up from the iPhone to scan the eager, smiling face of my young Russian friend, Poliyanka. No, there was no leg pulling there. She w...

Munish Dhiman

"I got so inclined to designing that it became an abiding passion for me which remains the warp and woof of my psyche."

Dolly Ahluwalia

Costume designer & actor

Acting might have added yet another National Award to her kitty (for assaying the role of Ayushmann ...

"A mistake is always forgivable, rarely excusable and always unacceptable. "

Robert Fripp

Phillip Zarrilli: When the body becomes all eyes
Payel Majumdar

Phillip Zarrilli is not your regular flower child. The internationally renowned Welsh theatre director and acting trainer has worked with performance ...

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Death Grips
Fashion Week
Third Worlds

In July last year, cult experimental hip-hop band Death Grips announced that "We are now a...

Steve Abraham
Talking is Hard
Walk the Moon
RCA Records

A follow up to Walk the Moon's excellent, airtight self-titled major label debut was one o...

Marcel Duchamp speaks about his work

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