Bhanuj Kappal
The warm glow of nostalgia and other fitful notions

I don't know whether it was just bad timing, or just fact that my peer group is getting older, but I logged onto Facebook the other day to f...

The many myths of conservation and preservation

Som, should I buy this haveli? What do you think, Somi? Irritated, I ignored the voice, looking out of the opposite window, blocking out the...


"Fascinated with the humble dohhhsa, Owens spent all morning trying to figure out how he could put a spin on it. “I want to turn it into a sweet dish. Maybe construct the whole thing in a bowl, and then make the dosa a perfect circle, cover the whole dish with it... so when you crack it, you get to the dish underneath — I don’t know, maybe masala ice cream? What do you think?”"

Ravina Rawal

Brent Owens was squinting at me. Mostly because he was tired, but also because he was very suspiciou...

"“They spend their time looking forward to the past.” "

John Osborne

Phillip Zarrilli: When the body becomes all eyes
Payel Majumdar

Phillip Zarrilli is not your regular flower child. The internationally renowned Welsh theatre director and acting trainer has worked with performance ...

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Tame Impala
Interscope Records

Here's a question: When did Tame Impala become Lame Impala? Well, not quite. But band owne...

Sol Invictus
Faith No More
Reclamation Records

Every project Mike Patton has been a part of has always seemed one step away from the edge...

Marcel Duchamp speaks about his work

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