Dancers in the Dark
Lora Tomas

Lora Tomas talks to three prominent dancers about the (gendered) body, and the poetics and politics of dance in India.

Sound and Vision
What does breaking genres say about an artist?

Today, let's look at some of the more obscure side stories of creating (and continuing) an interdisciplinary electronic arts collective. Thi...

Sumana Roy
Free Verse
Chinky Eyes: The many shades of racism

A few years ago, a man who I had just met, began flirting with me by deliberately mispronouncing my name. "Sunaina," he would begin, and ev...


"As young poets, we had a great deal of anxiety about our individual styles, the concept of secularity, the process of translation... there were a lot of issues like these."

Ranjit Hoskote

Contemporary Indian poet

"(...) on white beneath the unsettled weeksof postcards and air lettersthat jam the mailbox while we...

"The artist belongs to his work, not the work to the artist. "


The politics of populism or misplaced notions of polity?
Atul Dev

The AAP's dharna against the Delhi Police officers was termed unconstitutional by many. What is your view regarding this? A. Anyone going on a dharna...

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Dances in...Known Unknown
The Skull Defekts
Thrill Jockey

  The Skull Defekts are to the Swedish experimental underground what Son...

Asif Khan
Our Imaginarium

Either passive, or aggressive: that's how most music has been, and not entirely because of...

Marcel Duchamp speaks about his work

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