Prime Edition

A bit of explanation
  1st Apr 2012

If you're racking your brain and rummaging through your video library and bookshelves looking for the cinematic and literary classics we've reviewed in this issue, please, hunt no further.

Allow us to explain: Today is April 1, or April Fool's Day, and we thought it would be a fun experiment to make a little fun of some of Indian culture's most hallowed expressions. It's not often you get to imagine, as Jai Arjun Singh does, the form a Hrishikesh Mukherjee zombie flick starring Rajesh Khanna would take. Aishwarya Subramanian decided to review an archetype of the new brand of money-spinning Indian fiction — we sincerely hope there is no Amit Gopalakrishnan who has written a book about failed Internet romances! Siddharth Singh chipped in with a parody of that most vainglorious strain of Indian writing, the terribly overwritten family saga. Bhanuj Kappal is a disgruntled young man, and he doesn't like what the indie music scene is becoming. And art critic Deepanjana Pal has a lot to say about the horrific language critics and curators use to describe art in India.

In short: April Fool's! May Rajesh Khanna's zombie cameo stay with you for years to come.

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