Prime Edition

A musical rage-fest
BHANUJ KAPPAL  18th Feb 2012

Vanguard EP


Unsigned (self-released)

As a music reviewer, it's easy to only look at music that pushes the narrative of pop culture forward and upward, to the point where you forget that sometimes music is just about having fun. As the success of the latest Lamb of God album reminded me, sometimes all you need to do is stick to the script and do it well. A better, more palatable reminder of that fact is Vanguard, the debut EP by Mumbai metallers Providence, which is already making waves in Mumbai and beyond with their incendiary live shows.

The group (with members from Bhayanak Maut and Sceptre) doesn't try to break too much new ground, but they make up for the lack of experimentation with lots of attitude. The 5-track EP is pure, distilled aggression and should come with a health warning for the faint of heart. The music eschews the complex technicality of contemporary extreme metal and the songs are packed with bone-crushing riffs and blood-curdling vocals, backed by an expert rhythm section. Producer Keshav Dhar ensures that the music packs a mighty punch and that the violence and rage of their live set shines through. Source Code and Prosthetic are the two highlights of the EP, adrenalin fuelled rage-fests that have the ability to completely destroy an audience.

— Bhanuj Kappal

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