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Old buildings narrate silent tales of yore
NIDHI GUPTA  5th Aug 2012

Pankaj Mistry’s works

umbai-based photographer Pankaj Mistry's frames have come to be known for their meditative quality. While his previous solo show at Lalit Kala Akademi last year, titled Reverie, shed new light on the bylanes of Kolhapur, Goa and suffused the ordinary with a tinge of higher consciousness, his latest show at the Art Heritage Gallery takes this quest one step further.

Sounds of Solitude is a journey into history, and in search of transcendence at the same time. It brings the Gol Gumbaz at Bijapur, Karnataka, that architectural marvel of the Deccan, into sharp focus. Through this collection of bare images that gives primacy to space rather than people, he has then zoomed out, letting these large rooms, domes, arches speak for themselves. They speak the language of silence, which screams stories into your soul, if only you'd choose to listen.

"The Sounds of Solitude has the power to transform your life, help you understand your past, present and your state in future, provided you are receptive in your mind and soul," he says by way of introduction. Essentially, his quest for greater meaning is combined and exalted with keen wanderlust, birthing a sense of nirvana, however long it may last, and he wants you to taste it too.Image 2nd

Dargahs and historical monuments from that period already have this element of mysticism associated with them. Mistry enhances this with the angles he takes pictures from and his extremely effective use of light – he captures slices of afternoon sunbeams creeping into the interiors of the dargah; the whitewashed walls of the courtyard stand out brilliantly against overcast skies; and the huge arches become windows on the skies, with autumnal trees, laid bare of foliage, just add the right dash of character to them.

That there are practically no living beings in these frames should not be mistaken for an absence of life itself. This is how, in solitude, Mistry would want you to be enveloped by the aura of this place and open your mind to newer dimensions of you.

Venue: Art Heritage Gallery

Date: Until 22 August


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