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The Most Bizarre ‘Health Foods’ in the World
Jia Singh  23rd Jul 2014

ealth and wellness blogs are full of uncommon food items that look pretty repulsive, but are very good for you. We've seen our favourite celebrities chowing down strange food items for weight loss and to restore vitality or youth. From cricket powder to durian and organ meat, everyone's got their poison and they certainly have the bodies to show for it. Here is a list of our favourites.

1  Honey-roasted bugs

In Bangkok, tourists are very adventurous with their palates. They are choosing honey-roasted bugs and deep fried insects over wafers and nuts. The UN reports that insects could finally be the solution to the world's food and health problems and claims that almost two billion people worldwide will have incorporated this exotic dish as a dietary staple in times to come. Insects are rich sources of protein, iron, phosphorus and fibre, making them a staple for some societies in South America and South East Asia.

2  Grasshopper Tacos

If you're in Philadelphia, swing by the Gourmet magazine-endorsed Mexican restaurant Tequilas and try the tacos, if you dare. The specialty here is fried grasshopper tacos, a huge rage in Mexico and Central America.

3  Your Own Placenta

Another eating fad rooted in controversy is eating your own placenta to regularise hormones and restore youth and vitality. Celebrities often choose to eat their own placenta in an attempt to restore balance, vitality and prevent ageing.

4  Cobra Embryos

If you get squeamish easily you might want to skip this bit. People in Taiwan eat cobra eggs and embryos for better health, improved sexual function and longevity.

5  Cold-pressed Oils

Supermodel Miranda Kerr adds between 2-4 tbsp of cold-pressed coconut oil into her tea, smoothies and salads for lustrous skin and hair, weight loss and improved blood chemistry. Image 2nd

6  Cricket Flour

Eating creepy crawlies isn't quite commonplace yet, but Kyle Connaughton, chef and founder of Brooklyn-based company Exo, thinks crickets might be the biggest thing. Cricket flour is a readily available food that is a rich source of protein, iron and other micro minerals. Eating crickets seems to also have the least impact on the environment around us. Kyle plans to push his niche product to paleo athletes, crossfitters around the world and those of you who eat food that is organic and good for the environment. Watch out for these bars in the near future. I think they will be as commonplace as the Lara Bar in no time.

7  Hemp Milk

Hemp has been making headlines for its superfood status for over a year now. Hemp milk has become extremely popular for its health benefits reported by consumers all over the world. An alternative to milk and dairy, this beverage is a rich source of heart healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, iron, calcium and other trace minerals. Australia and a few other countries have controlled consumption of hemp milk and other products because of its connection with the cannabis plant, but I assure you it won't get you high. So go ahead, and get your glug on.

Jia Singh is the founder of Petite Sweet Eats, a healthy snack initiative based in New Delhi.

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