Prime Edition

An offbeat, witty love triangle

9th Sep 2012

Stealing Nasreen

Farzana Doctor

Rupa Publications

Pages: 305 Rs. 295

Toronto-based author Farzana Doctor takes a long hard look at two issues affecting the South Asian community in Canada – migration and LGBT issues. Shaffiq and Salma are a young, couple in the land of dreams. But unlike everything they were told, immigration has not been a cakewalk– Shaffiq has gone from being an accountant in Bombay to a hospital cleaning staff member here and their girls are having trouble keeping pace with the altered environment. Enter Nasreen, a practising psychiatrist, also belonging to their community, but a citizen of Canada. Shaffiq develops an obsession with her, which is a strange mix of revulsion and awe. Nasreen finds in Salma a long-lost love and makes overtures that Salma is stunned to see but reciprocates to. In the strangest of love triangles, these three characters find surprising depths to themselves . Though the subject addressed might seem flippant, the book is readable for its balanced treatment of sensitive issues and Nasreen's witty repartee with Salma.

— Nidhi Gupta

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