Prime Edition

Engrossing eerie thriller that delivers

25th Mar 2012

The Mine

Arnab Ray


Pages: 282 Rs. 195

The Mine is, by far, India's (this reviewer thinks, first, and) finest psychological thriller. The book is as diabolical as it can get, right from the word go and takes you on a frightening journey of horror and gore. It relates the story of a group of experts called in to investigate strange occurrences at a secret mining facility in Rajasthan. But the investigation turns into a perilous journey into the dark and deep recesses of the earth and of their minds. As the team is exposed to nerve agents and rising temperatures five levels below the earth, they are forced to face shameful secrets of their past lives. The twisted and sinister tale is replete with leitmotifs of malevolence and death and lovers of gore are in for a treat. Ray follows the classic three-act structure to produce a solid narrative finishing off with an eerie flourish. The language is effortless and the characters well-chiselled, each appearing more twisted than the other. The greatest evil lies deep within, reads the jacket, and it's an evil you want to exorcise.

—Pawanpreet Kaur

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