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Looking beyond the Google story

4th Dec 2011

The Google Guys

Richard L. Brandt


Pages: 255 Rs. 399

In this book, award-winning journalist Richard L. Brandt skips past the general Google story and focuses on what really drives the company's media-shy founders on their quest to become the 'world's biggest librarians'. Page is the main strategist, while Brin is the primary technologist and idealist. Brandt describes them as a well-synchronised powerhouse, who launched Google in 1998, struck the right business chords and continue to dominate the Internet. He retells their moments of genius (when Page Rank, the technology behind Google, was introduced) and controversies (Google's entry into China, privacy issues). Through interviews with current and former employees, competitors, partners, and senior Google management, and conversations with the founders themselves, Brandt demystifies the company and clarifies a few misconceptions. Brandt writes in simple journalistic style, making the story engaging not only for the tech buff, but also for budding entrepreneurs who are looking for sagas of inspiration.

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