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1st Jul 2012

The Other Side of Light

Mishi Saran

Harper Collins

Pages: 230 Rs. 250

Long before the launch of her debut novel, the world had woken up to her exquisite skills of prose-making. But with this book, Mishi Saran has transcended her own capacity to etch out a haunting narrative that stays in your mind long after the pages to turn are over. The story follows hare-lipped Asha, our protagonist with a penchant for photography, whose childhood is intrinsically linked to the turbulent politics of a young India in the '80s. In the dawn of adulthood, she rejects this brash world for the arts and is engrossed in her small world populated by her soul-sisters and the enchanting idealistic Kabir. Dissent follows a stroke of luck when she comes into possession of a camera and flies off to the Swiss highlands to explore through the lens. When she comes back, her world's a changed place. As she struggles to come to terms with anti-climaxes and look for new beginnings, distance becomes crucial, and inevitable. Much like its title, the book will transport you into a whole other plane of existence.

— Nidhi Gupta

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