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Vinay Aggrawal
Vinay Aggrawal

I just can’t sit and work

Your date of birth with year:

13 May 1977.

School, college and university. Please mention the academic degree(s) obtained:

I have studied at BMCC Pune, Daily College Indore and Symbiosis Institute of Telecom Management.

In your present position, have you changed anything strategically in the organisation:

I have worked for over two and a half years with Aircel.

Your idol, professionally or otherwise and why:

I wouldn't say I look up to any one person specifically. I admire several people at different levels for particular qualities and traits.

Your greatest achievement to date:

Obviously, setting up UNICEL. It is something that I feel proud of every day.

Your greatest regret, professionally or otherwise:

There are several things I could have done better. But it is those decisions that have made me the man I am today.

Personal quirk:

I just can't sit in one place and work.

Most spoken word/ sentence:

Right, got it and perfectly alright.

Favourite holiday destination:


Names of spouse and kid/s:

Mita (spouse) & Arnav (son).

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