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Anurag or Varun for UP? BJP cannot make up its mind
NORA CHOPRA  20th Nov 2011

he BJP cannot decide who it should project as the party's youth icon in Uttar Pradesh, Anurag Thakur or Varun Gandhi. BJP's leaders in UP, such as, Uma Bharti, Vinay Katiyar and Kalraj Mishra want to use Varun's Gandhi surname to counter the Rahul Gandhi effect. But Arun Jaitley and Rajnath Singh want Yuva Morcha chief Anurag Thakur, a Rajput by caste, to campaign in UP. The second group thinks that Varun, like his mother, lacks the Gandhi charisma and will not be of any help to the party. It is caste that matters the most in UP, and Rajputs, who comprise 7-8% of the population, are the most neglected of all caste groups. No party is trying to woo them, particularly after the exit of Amar Singh from the UP scene. This group thinks that since UP lacks a Rajput leadership, Anurag can be used to mobilize both Thakurs and Brahmins who are shifting to the BJP.

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