Non-humans of ‘Bombay’
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“If you had to give a piece of advice to a large group of people, what would it be?” “First of all, I’d like to clarify that I am not going to be answering this question. I’ve written it myself, and it’s just so this write-up can be in the same format as the posts on this page, and the original Humans of New York page. It all started when my colleague and I were in office (Weirdass Comedy—we’re professional comedians and comedy writers) and were being super productive (browsing Facebook) and we came across a Humans of Bombay page…and we thought ‘hey…we should also do something like this…but with a humour element to it.’ So this idea came about, where we take good looking photos of inanimate objects throughout the city, and weave a (hopefully funny) story around them. We started off by taking photos of objects that were around us, but after seeing the overwhelming response to the page, we actually started working hard and went out to click pictures. We’re really humbled with the response. What started off as a stupid, juvenile idea for a parody one afternoon in the office is now a viral Facebook page! Oh, and I changed my mind. I will answer the question. My advice to a large group of people would be to use moisturiser.”

“How do you deal with so many people?” “It’s tough bro, but this is just practice for when I go to Tomorrowland.”

“What do you hate the most about yourself?” “You may have noticed that I have a huge bladder...but no control. It’s embarrassing.”

“We are on everyone’s Instagram right now. Window during the rains, cup of chai and a book. Only one thing is missing here.” “What would that be?” “200 fu**ing useless hashtags.”

“Do you have any bad memories from your past?” “Once I went to a Bollywood party, and Govinda threw up on me.”

“What are you guys supposed to be?” “Inspiration for Yo Yo Honey Singh’s next song.”

“Why are you parked like this?” “The other side is a pay n’ park. That sh*t is too expensive.” “...”

“What is the sadde...” “Hold up. How are you going to put this up? Tell me in detail.” “Shooting with a DSLR. Editing and uploading on a Macbook. Monitoring progress on an iPhone.” “You are pretentious enough. Welcome to Starbucks.”

“My life has no meaning.”

“Describe your life in three steps.” “You’re born, you grow, and you get molested by Katrina Kaif.”

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