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Photos: Dhruv Singh | Text: Prateek Kuhad | Being able to make my first full-length record in New York was almost like coming full circle in a strange way. We spent a total of 22 days in a quaint studio located on a quiet street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Our time was divided between recording and mixing the record, with a week’s break in between to give our ears some much-needed rest. The studio had an easy and relaxed vibe, which really helped everyone work together and stay in good spirits through the process. There was a nice backyard filled with green and a wooden bench where we ate lunch most days. The studio owner had a dog, Gobo, who would come by and hang with us every now and then. Not once did he bark while inside the studio. The studio itself was exactly what we were looking for. The live room was deceptively large with high ceilings which helped in getting really fantastic drum sounds. There was all kinds of amazing gear at the studio. I used some of the telecasters and guitar pedals lying in the studio for a lot of the songs. There were vintage keyboards, a Rhodes and a Wurli that both ended up on different tracks on the record. There was really great recording gear as well, like Distressor compressors, boutique, hand-crafted limiters and equalisers that the studio owner had built himself, Millennia preamps and real plate and spring reverb boxes. And to top it all, we recorded all the drum and bass takes on a tape machine to get all that nice low-end and tape saturation. All of the toys, the weather, the city, its people and the beer helped in producing what we think is a really great-sounding record. We hope you enjoy it too.

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