Photo by Lick Me I am Delicious

Charlie Harry grew up on an ice cream farm in South Wales, taking apart machines. A self-confessed inventor and geek who is happiest when holding a fork and a screwdriver, Charlie is the creator of fantastical food machines and the owner of experimental events company Lick Me I’m Delicious. His company has made several unconventional ice cream flavours including beer, fish and chips, roast beef and gold leaf. Last year, it made the world’s first glow-in-the-dark ice cream using jellyfish luminescence. His inventions include the Swirlywoosh (liquid nitrogen ice cream parlour), the Whizzbang (the world’s first liquid nitrogen ice cream buggy), the Soup Washing Machine, the Popcorn Hairdryer and the edible gramophone pottery machine. Charlie has also created Arousal, a Viagra-laced ice cream for a celebrity client. Each scoop of the ice cream contains a 25 mg Viagra dose and is flavoured with bubbly champagne. Charlie has also created Edible Mist Machine, which uses ultrasonic vaporisation to create a microscopic mist that can be eaten through a straw. “This machine not only produces a massive range of flavours, but also creates a personalised mist from pretty much anything in the world like your favourite book or even your hair. And it’s zero calories,” says Charlie.

The Edible Mist Machine

The Edible Inventor’s factory in Pembrokeshire

The Soup Washing Machine

The Whizzbang, a liquid nitrogen ice cream buggy

Arousal, Harry’s special Viagra-laced flavour

The edible gramophone pottery machine

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