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Indo-Canadian awaits patent for space elevator

Scientists visualise a space elevator as a transportation system to space without the use of large rockets. They see it as a cable lift anchored to the sea.

Mamta Chitnis Sen  Mumbai | 28th Jun 2014

Nofel Izz is a singer, entrepreneur, and inventor with both Indian and Pakistani heritage.

ofel Izz, an Indo-Canadian inventor claims that an elevator to space need no longer be in the realm of fantasy. He says he has the design of a space elevator ready and it is pending patent from the NASA and the Canadian Space Agency. Scientists visualise a space elevator as a transportation system to space, without the use of large rockets. They see it as a "cable lift" anchored to the surface of the sea and extending up into space to carry cargo and humans. In 1895, Russian scientist Konstantin Tsiolkovsky first thought of the idea of constructing an elevator to space.

Izz has not designed a prototype of the elevator, but has instead used calculations and schematics in his patent application. He believes his space elevator will make space travel cost effective, giving its owners a 90% cost advantage over conventional rockets.

"The process was complex and tedious. There are many aspects I cannot share right now as the design is patent pending. However, I am keen on sharing it with any country, which is serious about building one," he says.

Building Izz's space elevator will cost somewhere between $29 billion and $35 billion. "It will be constructed using super strong, lightweight metal alloys that will provide the structure immense strength-to-weight ratio. Materials such as titanium alloys, which are currently being used in the aviation industry, will be used. The telescopic expo shell is a semi-hollow, cylindrical structure that consists of a telescopic tower, which can be propelled by both an inner shaft and a hydraulic system, and rail-powered Kevlar cable structures that will work together to provide support."

"There has been a lot of talk about space elevators and carbon nanotube tethers in the past, but no one has designed something viable yet," he adds.

"The space elevator can reach up 160 km or 99 miles, into the lower Earth orbit, when fully extended. My designs are realistic and doable in the near future. I am currently in the process of getting someone from the industry to endorse them. I would like to point out that I do not intend to make any money out of this concept," he says. Image 2nd

"The telescopic exo-shell will be coated with a drag-resistant material that will help stabilise it amid wind and high pressures from outer space. The elevator will make it possible to launch earth's own starship in the next 10 years for the fraction of the cost of sending materials into space via rockets. The space elevator can be used for clearing up space junk, deflecting asteroids, generating solar power, housing an observation deck and for space tourism," he observes. The overall structure is compact and will need around 225 square km of land. The observation or launch deck is seen as 50 meters in diameter and able to handle over 1 lakh tonnes in weight.

The youngest son of UAE gold trader Tayyab Mohhamed Izz, who originally belongs to Gujarat, the 39-year-old Izz completed his education in Dubai before going to Canada for higher studies. His last successful invention was the OMASK, a lightweight portable safety breathing apparatus for vehicles submerged in water.

Izz, who is also a musician, works on his inventions at his home in Ontario. "I have designed a solar panel that is four times more efficient than anything out there, and there are other patents to follow. The space elevator will be a perfect launch pad to build space stations. It is currently difficult to take materials up and build one. It will also be an ideal way of launching a spaceship," he adds.

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