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Brazil wants India to train its space scientists

Brazil’s National Security Advisor has proposed that Brazilian scientists should be trained at ISRO.


razil has asked India to help train its space scientists for its space programme. The Brazilian National Security Advisor has proposed that the Brazilian scientists should be trained in ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) for the remote sensing data earth station set up by India in Brazil.

Under an agreement signed between ISRO and Brazil in 2000, both countries had agreed on the possibilities of cooperation in areas like satellites and their applications, sharing of facilities of space and science, use of remote sensing applications for training purpose, and sharing of expertise in developmental communications.

It may be noted that India earlier assisted Argentina in its space programme and helped launch its satellite. With Columbia the space programme could not take off. There are cooperative agreements with other Latin American countries such as Peru, Chile and Venezuela as well.

On the lines of Argentina, Brazil too wants a satellite to be launched with Indian assistance, meant to be used for communication and data collection in space.

A retired ISRO official told this newspaper that, "India has a good remote sensing imagery capability with up to 1 metre resolution. India has set up ground stations in other countries as well, like the US, and is helping other nations in setting up theirs, as this helps in international cooperation. This is indigenous capability."

ISRO already has the facility to impart training on how to operate the station and gather data through remote sensing, which will be used by Brazilian scientists for training.

Brazil already has defence cooperation with India and is stepping up space cooperation as well. Brazil is building four Scorpene submarines under licence agreement with French submarine manufacturer DCNS, which is also assisting India for the same. For this Brazil has approached the Ministry of Defence (MoD) for cooperation in sharing spare parts and imparting training in operations. But India has shown reluctance as the agreement with France does not allow a third country into it.

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