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Hindu economic meet will promote business

The fourth World Hindu Economic Forum is expecting 500 attendees.

Antonia Filmer  London | 29th Aug 2015

The fourth World Hindu Economic Forum (WHEF) meeting, which takes place in London on 11-13 September, is expecting up to 500 attendees from as far afield as Fiji and Malaysia. Essentially a networking organisation inspired by Swami Vigyananand and founded by him in 2012, the WHEF promotes entrepreneurialism as a means of generating economic activity that will bring prosperity to the wider community at large. WHEF is the only international organisation representing the global society of Hindus, who are drawn together by a cultural connection and desire to generate wealth for their community.

Faithful to the principles of Sanatan Dharma, with its ethos reflecting the Mahabharata's "Shanti Parva" (chapter) and Kautilya's wisdom on the functioning of the state, the WHEF aims to actively improve connectivity within their global business community.

The gathering will comprise like-minded high quality business persons from all sectors, some of whom may have declared their business objectives in advance so that networking can be facilitated by the steering committee. All will take advantage of sharing their experience, expertise and resources with the goal of matching investment capital with ideas and innovation across geographic zones. Past successes include associates who have received seed capital for trading commodities and pharmaceutical enterprises.

A distinguished collection of speakers including Anna Soubry, Conservative MP and the Minister for Small Business, HE Rajan Mathai, High Commissioner for India, and Stephen Western, CEO of Business Growth Fund, amongst others, will present the opportunities to bring investors and innovation together. Focus will be given to cutting edge technology and its economic advantages, healthcare, education and manufacturing. Sambasiva Rao will introduce a new dimension to the conference outlining the opportunities arising in emerging markets such as East and South Africa, Sri Lanka and Singapore. With the recent IMF prediction that India's economic growth forecast will rise to 7.5% in 2015/16, this is a concerted attempt to reclaim India's golden age of commercial standing, when India's share of world GDP was 25%.

Once the intricacies of the British visa system have been conquered, attendees will be hosted at Park Plaza Riverbank Hotel. London is the main European financial centre and is perceived as the key external economic hub for India and the gateway to business in Europe. 12.09% of the Greater London population are Asian. Wealthy NRIs have spent £1billion buying properties in London during the past 12 months.

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