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Know your KCR to get a job in telangana

Mastering the knowledge of the Telangana movement and its leadership is essential for recruitment in the state.

S RAMA KRISHNA  Hyderabad | 15th Aug 2015

K. Chandrasekhar Rao

he stage has been set in Telangana for a massive recruitment of around 25,000 government jobs in the next four months. But a sound knowledge of the Telangana agitation, particularly from 1991 to 2014 and its leader K. Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR), who is currently the Chief Minister of the state is a must to score marks in the written and oral tests to be held soon.

The newly constituted Telangna State Public Service Commission (TSPSC) has announced the syllabi for different groups of jobs, after consultations with scholars and experts in different subjects.

An experts' committee headed by G. Haragopal, a retired professor of the University of Hyderabad, has framed the revamped syllabus for all state level public service commission examinations in Telangana. The framing of this syllabus took a lot of time, till March end, even as lakhs of educated unemployed have been waiting for jobs since last year. Till now the combined Andhra Pradesh too has a syllabus for its state level jobs, with papers on its history, sociology, geography and economy, apart from papers on Indian history, Indian economy and Indian geography. But those papers had nothing to do with the political elements of different movements and their leadership. But the TSPSC has decided to include the political aspects of the separate Telangana movement and those who led it. As per the syllabus announced for Group -1, Group-2, Group-3 and Group-4 jobs, at least one paper is a must for them all on the current struggle for separate Telangana — from 1991 to 2014. Besides, other papers too will have chapters on Telangana agitation. The papers on Telangana agitation and its leadership, how KCR led the movement over the last one and half decades since he formed the TRS would carry marks ranging from 150 to 450, depending on the nature of the jobs. For example, the Group -1 jobs (deputy collector, deputy police superintendents and commercial taxes officers) will have one exclusive paper on the Telangana movement with 150 marks. Besides, the test will include questions, both objective and written, on Telangana's economy, geography, history and culture in four other papers. The Group-1 test will have six papers, including one on English knowledge and another on logical interpretation. Similarly, the Group-2 exam too will have one separate paper for 150 marks on the separate statehood agitation and its leadership. So are Group 3 and 4. TSPSC member G. Vittal told The Sunday Guardian, "Nothing wrong in the newly formed Telangana having papers on its agitation background. After all, Telangana has been fought for and achieved with sacrifices of hundreds of students and youth. All those who aspire to get jobs here need to know about them. The role of the KCR in the movement is part of history". Interestingly, Vittal himself played an active role in Telangana agitation as a leader of government employees since 2009. The process of issuing notifications for the jobs will begin in the next couple of weeks, he said. C. Ramaiah, former MLC and a member of the experts committee that framed the TSPSC syllabus told this paper over phone from the US, "The Telangana government wants its job aspirants to know about the history and political backdrop of the state, how it was formed and who led it from the front".

Telangana Assembly opposition Leader K. Jana Reddy said "I only hope that the exams will have some questions on us (Congress) too," he said.

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