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Shia cleric alleges hacking of email by militant groups
OUR CORRESPONDENT  New Delhi | 9th Aug 2014

Kalbe Oshet, a member of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board, plans to approach the Ministry of Home Affairs and Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding the alleged hacking of his email account.

Oshet said that he had been told by certain technical experts that his email account had been hacked. "My emails have exchanged hands multiple times after they were hacked," Oshet alleged.

Oshet claimed that militant groups could be behind his email account being hacked.

He added that last year, a majlis organised in Lucknow to mourn the death of Imam Hussain was attacked.

"Shia ulemas are being attacked all over the world. They have been killed in Iraq, Pakistan and other countries," he said.

A young man was reportedly killed in the attack on the majlis in Wazeerganj in Lucknow on 16 January and around a dozen injured. The attackers allegedly belonged to the hard-line Wahhabi sect. The Wahhabis are considered to be steeped in intolerance of other sects and religions.

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