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Star alignment is bad news for UPA 2

A rare celestial event that takes place once in 243 years will create political turmoil across party lines.

VEENU SANDAL  New Delhi | 3rd Jun 2012

n alignment of stars that takes place only once in 243 years spells bad news for the government led by Dr Manmohan Singh.

June will be a very special month, packed from beginning to end with action and rare planetary events which will create political turmoil across party lines. On 2 June, Venus, the Raja or planetary king of this year, became combust due to close proximity with the Sun and will remain so till 11 June. A "combust Venus period" is generally regarded as inauspicious and when Venus happens to be the planetary king of the year as well, its impact is magnified.

This is just the starting point for mounting challenges. On 4 June, there will be a lunar eclipse. Though not visible in India, its effects will be palpable, partly because Mars will also be on the scene, opposing this eclipse, and putting everyone on edge. On 5-6 June, an occurrence described by astronomers as "the rarest of astronomical events" will take place. Venus will cross the face of the sun, and will be visible to the naked eye as a small black dot slowly moving across the solar disk. In fact, from 2000 BC there have been only 81 such Venusian transits, of which humans have recorded witnessing only six (in 1639, 1761, 1769, 1874, 1882, and most recently, in 2004).

According to astronomers, "The circumstances of the transits of Venus repeat themselves with great exactness after a period of 243 years. The intervals between individual transits (in years) currently go as follows: 8 + 121.5 + 8 + 105.5 = 243. In other words, a pair of transits may occur over a time span of just eight years (the last one was in 2004), but following the second transit, the next will not occur again for more than a century. Should anyone miss it, it will unfortunately be a long wait, until Dec. 11, 2117, when Venus will again pass in front of the sun — a bit too far into the future for most of us..." In Delhi, the Venusian transit will be visible at 7:02 hours. Historically and astrologically, what occurs during the month and year of the transit as well as the period between the eight-year transit pairs (cast your mind or check on what has happened between 2004 and this year) has always been as significant as the astronomical events themselves.

Typically, this signifies a change of the old order. This period may, therefore, be especially hard for the ruling government.

There will be more disclosures and general dissatisfaction. The government will have to contend with some other unfavourable alignments in its "foundation" chart plus the compound effects of a combust Venus, a lunar eclipse, a rare Venus transit and the very significant coincidence that Venus is also this year's all powerful king. Hard, prompt decisions may be the only way for the government to bail itself out temporarily.

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