Wedding Wows
Photo by Sephi Bergerson

After living in India for more than 12 years, six of which were spent working on his latest book project, award-winning photographer Sephi Bergerson has arguably experienced, witnessed and documented a greater variety of Indian weddings than your average person. As he travelled the length and breadth of India, he was invited into sacred places and intimate moments normally inaccessible to outsiders, witnessing traditions buried deep into the subconscious of the subcontinent; traditions that even people from India don’t necessarily know about. Behind the Indian Veil chronicles Bergerson’s journey through uncharted wedding traditions in India. It reveals the differences and similarities in Indian wedding traditions, while seeking the common essence of this grand, colourful and fantastic celebration. This coffee table book is filled with photographs of wedding rituals and the stories behind them. Various Indian communities, from Hyderabadi Muslim to Ladakhi Buddhist, are featured. Sephi plans to self-publish the book and is currently running a crowd funding campaign where you can place a pre-order for your copy of the book and help him publish it. You can learn more at the book’s website, indianwedding.sephi.com.

A Bengali wedding ritual where the bride is lifted on her brothers’ shoulders during the exchange of garlands.

A Hindu-Punjabi couple pose for photographs after the jai-mala.

A Coorgi wedding ceremony where the groom’s mother places a gold necklace around his neck to mark his status as a groom.

A Ladakhi-Buddhist wedding, where the bride is being blessed during the marriage ceremony.

A Muslim bride signs the marriage contract.

A Christian bride from Goa takes a moment before walking down the aisle.

A baraat in procession in rural Kerala.

A Syrian-Christian priest in Kerala.

A Kashmiri Pandit wedding entertainment programme.

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