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The World’s A stage
Photo by Victor Iemini

When I turned 21, I bought my first DSLR camera and entered, of all places, an acting school in my hometown, São Paulo, Brazil. While I was sure I didn’t wish to be an actor myself, I always wanted to be associated with the theatre in some way. And it was through the camera that my ambition was finally realised. Like an obsessive, I began photographing all the major theatre performances in the city. Soon, I was dubbed “that guy with the camera” in our local theatre circuit. These days, I make sure that I shoot at least a couple of plays a week, and my job entails clicking over a thousand images an hour in order to capture the essence, the defining moment of an ongoing play. The name of the trick is self-effacement. I never ask anyone to pose, always restricting myself, and my camera, to the background. There are also no preliminaries to be fulfilled. I just turn up at the venue and begin shooting nonstop. I try all the angles I can get without interrupting the flow of a performance. And many a time, I don’t even look through the viewfinder of my camera while shooting. Most often, the winning shot arrives simply by chance. For more by this photographer, visit

Brazilian theatre actor Danilo Amaral.

At the venue where a play named Folias D’Arc by Dagoberto Feliz is about to be staged.

Actors Cassio Prado, Anna Zêpa and Tânia Reis performing in Ninguém no Plural by Mia Couto, directed by Rita Grillo.

Opera do Malandro, a musical by Chico Buarque.

O Corcunda Quaquá by the Brazilian director Ricardo Ripa.

Director Kleber Montanheiro and (right) actor Paulo Vasconcelos share a dressing room moments before going live.

A performance of Johan Padan and the Discovery of America by the Italian playwright Dario Fo, directed by Alessandra Vannucci.

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