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Aayush Soni

Aayush Soni is a journalist based in New Delhi. Follow him on Twitter at @aayushsoni.

The ‘inauguration ceremony’
31st May 2014
The ‘inauguration ceremony’

Ever since he took charge as Prime Minister, Narendra Modi's style and functioning has been the subject of much discussion. Much airtime and newsprint has been devoted to the fact that SAARC leaders w

New benefits for old supporters
24th May 2014
New benefits for old supporters

Now that Narendra Modi is on course to become Prime Minister, his consistent supporters can expect to be rewarded for their cheerleading efforts. Buzz is that Swapan Dasgupta, a columnist, former mana

The impact of foreign digital publications on Indian media space
17th May 2014
The impact of foreign digital publications on Indian media space

I don't know whether you've noticed but a new wind has been blowing through the musty hallways of Indian media these last six months. Over the last few weeks, reports have emerged that Buzzfeed, the p

How India’s news magazines can survive the Internet
10th May 2014
How India’s news magazines can survive the Internet

A few columns ago, I'd mentioned that the Indian media would be hit by certain "tectonic changes" once the general elections are over. One of these, being spoken about in loud whispers, is the exit of

The many faces of farcical election reporting
3rd May 2014
The many faces of farcical election reporting

Over the last few days, John Oliver, an American comedian, has spoken my mind. In an 8:44 minute video clip that's received over 900,000 hits on YouTube, Oliver punctured the media's coverag

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