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Kate Saunders is the Communications Director of International Campaign for Tibet.

Dalai Lama birthday turns deadly for Tibetans
31st Aug 2013

The Dalai Lama, who has recently begun a meditation retreat in Ladakh, was 78 on 6 July. In his homeland, despite the dangers of openly celebrating his birthday due to the Chinese authorities' insecur

Spain hears Tibet lawsuits, upholds universal jurisdiction
16th Feb 2013
Spain hears Tibet lawsuits,  upholds universal jurisdiction

"I thought you were going to be a terrorist," the translator said, clutching my arm as we emerged from the chambers of Judge Ismael Moreno in Spain's Criminal Court. Just after Christmas, I travelled

Hope blooms in Tibet
22nd Dec 2012
Hope blooms in Tibet

A few days ago, a blue flower improbably blossomed from the dry, cold earth of the Tibetan plateau in the depths of winter. It happened in Kyegu, an area in eastern Tibet that was rocked by a devastat

Tibetans continue to fight the freedom battle
15th Apr 2012

"Whether their act was big or small, no one could risk more than his life. Each according to his strength and abilities, but the main thing was, you fought back." These lines — from Alone in Berlin

Protect Tibet’s environment, it is the world’s third pole
1st Jan 2012
Protect Tibet’s environment, it is the world’s third pole

At a religious festival in eastern Tibet, a group of young monks squeal with laughter as a dishevelled Tibetan rolls around on the grass, beer bottle in hand, being harangued about the importance of n

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