M.D Nalapat is the Editorial Director of The Sunday Guardian.

A Clinton-Sarkozy-Cameron human flood
29th Aug 2015

It must be difficult to escape from visions of grandeur, when one is the leader of a country which controlled a significant portion of the globe's land area less than a century ago. Each of us has kno

It’s jobs, and not sainthood, that count
22nd Aug 2015

Those who have been tracking Narendra Damodardas Modi since 2001, and few even earlier, have mostly been surprised at the difference between his foreign policy initiatives and the manner in which the

Modi must change Delhi to win Bihar
15th Aug 2015

The fear of continuing blockage in the working of government were the UPA returned to a third term, was crucial in several tens of millions of voters entering the BJP corral, thereby giving the party

Rahul must help pass GST
1st Aug 2015

While he has since 1995 been less than effusive about Congress president Sonia Gandhi, this columnist has refused to include Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Vadra in such acerbity. It would be unfair to pas

All faiths should avoid Wahhabi intolerance
25th Jul 2015

Although Wahhabism claims to be the "purest" form of Islam, in reality it has little in common with a faith which has mercy, compassion and beneficence at its core, qualities repeated over and over in

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Dawood hiding in plain sight with new identity: US experts
25th Jul 2015

Experts in counter-terrorism activities say that there is "credible information that India's most wanted person", Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar, aka Sheikh Dawood Hassan, who, ironically, was the son of a Mum

Lead India towards genuine independence
25th Jul 2015
Lead India towards genuine independence

It was not a casual afterthought which made the founders of The Sunday Guardian choose the name of this newspaper. Although it reaches the reader every Sunday, its contents are valid for an entire wee

Rahul focuses on strategy for a No NaMo 2019
20th Jun 2015

Sources involved in planning the political strategy of soon-to-be Congress president Rahul Gandhi say that the 45-year-old Congress heir's objective is "to ensure that Narendra Modi become a single-te

Ford Foundation an entity outside law: Officials
6th Jun 2015
Ford Foundation an entity outside law: Officials

Why did Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru allow the Ford Foundation entry into India in 1952 without the complete paperwork and permissions required in law for establishing itself in this country and co

Modi leaps over Great Wall of Mistrust
23rd May 2015
Modi leaps over Great Wall of Mistrust

In just three days in China, high-level policymakers here claim that Prime Minister Narendra Modi succeeded in "leaping over the wall of mistrust and doubt" that had clouded India-China relations sinc

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