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Steyn learning his lessons from the master of swing

World’s best pace bowler seeks Waqar Younis’ assistance to perfect his reverse swing.

Saji Chacko  20th Apr 2013

Dale Steyn feels that Waqar Younis is one of the best exponents of reverse swing.

ife is a learning curve, even if you happen to be the greatest fast bowler in the world. Dale Steyn who is widely regarded as the best bowler across all the three formats is now depending on the crucial advice given by former Pakistan fast bowler Waqar Younis. With his expertise at dishing out toe-crushing yorkers and also the reverse swing, Waqar was one of the best  bowlers at the end of the innings, and  Steyn is learning his lessons from the Pakistan great who is the bowling consultant of the Hyderabad Sunrisers.

Dale, the perfectionist is clear about one thing: "There is always a scope to improve. One has to constantly keep on improving and learning. I am always open to the fact that there is always a need to learn from someone who has been a great bowler in his playing days."

Steyn went on to add that Waqar was one of the best exponents of the reverse swing.

"Without a doubt, Waqar was one of the best bowlers at the end of the innings and that is what I want to emulate. I have to improve on certain aspects and that is where it helps to have someone like Waqar. I feel that by talking to him, I can rectify a lot of my weaknesses. It is a real pleasure to have him in the Sunrisers."

Steyn revealed that he had grown up idolising Waqar. "When I was young I used to follow his (Waqar's) exploits at the international circuit, I made it a point to always see what his figures were against the other top teams. I consider myself fortunate that I am able to avail his expertise," said Steyn.


Steyn is also happy with the fact that he is able to be one of the most economical bowlers in the IPL 6. "Well, T20 is all about restricting a batsman. If one is not good enough to do that, one has to be able to take the wickets. Steyn said that all through his career, the onus was on restricting the batsmen. One should not merely concentrate on taking wickets. He has to constantly keep on working on the batsman's psyche," he added.

He was also wary about the fact that in T20 cricket batsmen attack from the word go. Hence he feels the element of surprise is important. "As a bowler one needs to come up with some variations. He cannot afford to dish out the same stuff."

Steyn also feels that Chris Gayle was the most dangerous batsman in T20. "To my mind, I think it is Gayle who is the most destructive batsman in this format. Not only does he have the power but also the presence of mind when it comes to planning his assaults. He is a real threat to contend with".

On his part, Waqar said it was a great pleasure to work with Steyn. "He (Steyn) is not only one of the greatest bowlers, he is also prepared to innovate and try different things. I think that is what makes him such a special talent," opined the Pakistan great.

Waqar went on to add that South Africa has one of the best bowling attacks in the world. "When you have the likes of Steyn, Morkel and Philander coming at you then rest assured you have a battle on your hands. In my opinion, South Africa has the best attack in contemporary cricket," he added.

Looking forward to India Tour

Steyn is also anxiously waiting for the Indians to come and play the series in SA. "I am waiting to have a go at the Indians when they tour South Africa in November. The three Tests are going to be pretty hotly contested. There is no doubt about that. I just hope to give a good account of myself in this series."

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