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This footie season’s winners, losers and all those in between

s we wind down to the last fortnight of football across Europe, it's a good a time as any to take stock of the winners and losers this season. With two weeks left to go, those clubs in danger of relegation or missing a chance at Champions League or the Europa Cup next season are still battling it out for the six points that could mean the difference in where they finish in the league.


Manchester United: After a rare trophy-less season in 2010, United upped their game and are on their way to a record-breaking 19th league title. I couldn't put it more succinctly than a banner at the Chelsea–United game that read, 'In '94 you said "come back when it's eighteen". Well, here we are sat on your perch.' While clearly an allusion to the days of Liverpool glory, it points to an obvious truth: there's no stopping Sir Alex Ferguson and his team. This year's title will break their joint record with Liverpool for total number of Premier League titles. And they still have the small matter of a Champions League trophy left to play for.

AC Milan: The Rossoneri wrapped up their 18th Scudetto title last weekend, after an away draw against Roma. The club and their fans are, needless to say, euphoric about seeing their side lift the trophy after a long and hard-fought season in Italy. Finally, some good news for Milan owner Silvio Berlusconi.

Barcelona: What can you say about a club like Barcelona that hasn't been said before? A club that singlehandedly won Spain the World Cup last summer, their 21st title and their third consecutive title in the La Liga, as well as their ninth trophy under Pep Guardiola - it appears there's no stopping the Catalan champions. They are the side taking on Manchester United in the Champions League final, and it's more than likely that there will be another round of celebrations in the busy streets of Barcelona in the next fortnight.

Liverpool and King Kenny: 'King' Kenny Dalglish was in the news this week, as the Kop idol signed a three-year deal with Liverpool in what promises to be the most important signing by the clubs new owners. Despite spending more than any other club last summer, Liverpool's new players failed to make any difference for the Reds. What it took to fight their way back into a Europa League spot (fifth place) was a Liverpool legend like Kenny Dalglish. Bookies are even offering respectable odds on a fortified Liverpool winning the league next year.


Chelsea: Even though a resurgent Chelsea topped the form table after winning the most games in the League since January, this season has been the worst for Chelsea since Roman Abramovich took over at the club. Chelsea have commendably fought back to finish in second after lingering in fifth place in 2010. But when you're spending a hundred million pounds a season, you expect results year after year, so it comes as little surprise that rumours abound at Stamford Bridge of the departure of Carlo Ancelotti and a few other Chelsea players.

Tottenham Hotspurs: In spite of several promising results against the big clubs in Europe to reach the final eight of the Champions League, Tottenham were unable to mirror that performance in the Premiership. After starting the year with a new team strengthened by summer buys, Spurs were impressive in the first half of the season but faltered in 2011. With only six points from their last six matches, Tottenham have no chance of European football next season and are likely to finish in sixth place behind Liverpool.

Relegation Zone: The relegation battle at the bottom of the table if often as equally contested as the fight for glory at the top of the table. Clubs in the drop zone will fight till the last day of the league to try and stay in the Premiership. This year, West Ham United will be relegated without a doubt, while Blackpool, Wolves and Wigan Athletic are all in danger of having to play in the Championship. A single point separates the three sides, another sign of how closely contested the fight to stay in the Premier League really is. Saturday's win for the Wolves against Sunderland may be enough to ensure they play the Premier League next season at the expense of Wigan and Blackpool.

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