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Multiple Award Winner Tathastu Information Technology Private Limited is Leader in Web Services
  26th Jun 2015

Tathastu Information Technology Private Limited (Founded by Anand Mishra) has won an award for the best website, which is a great acknowledgment to their hard work. Started with 5 members and with the out-of-the-box thinking of the CEO Anand Mishra, it has become a brand and one of the best companies in the IT industry.

Funded by the Information TV Private Limited, the company was able to invest in its experts and the latest technology. This way, they managed to perform every project according to the highest standards and meet the requirements of their clients. Many of their projects were awarded for the best websites regarding design and navigation

Nowadays, online marketing is of great importance regarding every business, and this company understood that. They built digital spaces for the most popular news channels in India – India News and NewsX.  Both channels have a wide audience, however, only when they created a digital space they were able to become visible all around the world. The great online marketing strategy is an inevitable step to success, and as such, shouldn’t be neglected.

Tathastu Information Technology Private Limited is respected in the IT industry, and definitely deserved all the received acknowledgments. Currently, they are managing the whole vertical of Information TV Pvt. Ltd and are counting more than 4,000 dealers across India. Except for web services such as web hosting, SQL databases, web design and website building, they have expanded their business to online marketing and application development, which was recognized and awarded with prestigious prices. All the awards show that talent and hard work really pay off, and owing to their determination they succeeded in becoming a leading company in the IT industry in India.

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