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Flavours of life & the changing face of digital consumption
Sanshey Biswas

The way we consume information today is undergoing rapid transformation. All around us are services that re-compose content to make it more accessible and digestible. Of course, this also ends up maki...

Dude, where’s my car?

If we had a dime for every time we've lost our car in a big, multi-level parking lot, only to wander around aimlessly, seedily, searching for some kin...

India’s growing potential & new status as a tech hub
Sanshey Biswas

Within 24 hours of the invitations being out, over 2,000 fans had already applied to be part of the global launch of MIUI 7, one of the most popular R...

The only purchase that you will ‘like’ this year
Sanshey Biswas was just the tip of the iceberg. Facebook is now in talks with publications to publish their articles on Facebook itself, so that a user ...

To free or not to free the internet at the cost of a uniform experience
Sanshey Biswas

The past couple of weeks have been quite exciting for Indians. First, the release, then Google's plans to bring Project Loon to India; th...

All roads lead to frustration...and victory laps
Azeem Banatwalla

Invisible, Inc

Developer & publisher: Klei Entertainment Platforms: PS4, Steam Price: $19.99 I've been a fan...

Sanshey Biswas
A solar lamp that also allows you to charge your phone

Greenlight Planet Sun King Pro All Night Rs 1,800 Greenlight Planet aims to harness the power of the sun by day, subsequently bringing li...

“Wrong-headed approach to science and health”

At the time of writing this column, almost 900 people have died in India in the last month and a half due to Swine Flu, a disease caused by ...

Zeb EM1

By Zebronics Rs 699Image 2nd The EM series is Zebronics' range of earphones with high quality build and design, attempting to enhance the already pl...

ICYMI: Sign out of spam for good
Sanshey Biswas

Are you sick of spam in your inbox? (That’s not really a question.) Get, a web tool that tidies up all the c...

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