Online tenant groups offer escape from the web of brokerage
Sanshey Biswas

Frequent references to websites such as Commonfloor, Quikr and Olx and apps like Flatchat create the illusion that finding accommodation in a place like Noida can be accomplished with ease. From what ...

All in at the Teen Patti World Cup

We can't remember the last time we played teen patti without heroically flinging our car and house keys into the kitty (then again, we normally don't ...

Art, technology and porn come together in Drone Boning

Can pornography be beautiful? Can pornography — that appalling, immoral thing, which frequently offends the self-appointed moral custodians of our s...

Pay without delay: Ruplee makes it easier for diners to settle bills
Sanshey Biswas

Sometimes, after you've finished eating at a restaurant, it can feel like forever before the bill arrives. Once, in San Francisco, Natasha Jain had to...

Amazon’s WriteOn beta turns writing into a community activity
Sanshey Biswas

The world needs your writing and Amazon's WriteOn wants to get the message through. Budding writers are flocking to this site, which was launched in A...

Take a dream trip to Paris with Assassin’s Creed Unity
Amit Goyal

Assassin’s Creed Unity

Developer: Ubisoft Sofia Publisher: Ubisoft Platforms: Xbox 360, Playstation 3 Price: Rs. 3499 (X...

Sanshey Biswas
C21: Talk is cheap

Cheers C21 Rs 1,999 There is a good reason why phones running Firefox OS are cheap — they have minimal processing power. Like Firefox OS...

Look up at the sky and see the drones

As a teenager I read a fascinating book titled Roofworld by Christopher Fowler, whose premise was that a group of people, frustrated with th...

Phone to tablet

The PadFone from Asus had a neat trick up its sleeve. Slide the phone into a dock, which can then be used as you would a tablet. The original PadFone ...

Walk through Middle Earth with Chrome
Sanshey Biswas

With the third Hobbit movie on the verge of releasing, it's the perfect time to try out the latest addition to Google Ch...

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