Threshold potential: Is Microsoft’s ecosystem on the right track?
Sanshey Biswas

A well-built Operating System (OS) is what makes one device more functional or desirable than the other. With multiple Operating Systems sprouting up every year, the ecosystem that a user tries to bui...

End misery, text for tech support
Sanshey Biswas

In the good old days when your landline phone stopped working, the company would send over a technician to fix it, even if it could be solved by just ...

Twitching things up: Good ol’ Google is about to disrupt e-gaming culture
Atul Dev

Explaining the thrills of virtual gameplay to someone who has never played massive multiplayer online games or MMOs, as they are commonly called, is a...

Only Connect: Addressing the anxieties of a post-Facebook era

E.M. Forster might have written the words "Only connect" in the context of class conflict, but he would have been amused to see how frequently the epi...

(Tor)mented: Attempts to reveal the identity of users
Sanshey Biswas

Tor continues its love-hate relationship with the authorities. From being funded by the US Naval Research Laboratory at its conception as "The Onion R...

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George Soros buys stake in Facebook

NEW YORK: George Soros has spent more than $10m (£6.3m) acquiring a stake in Facebook, signalling a rare vote of confidence in the social-networking site after its troubled flotation in May. He purchased 341,000 of the social network's shares in the second quarter. But the share price of Facebook, which was co-founded by its chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, has dropped by more than a third since Mr Soros bought the stake. Indeed, the company's value has nearly halved since it floated at $38 three months ago, driven by investors questioning its long- term prospects. Honda launches robot lawn

Post-apocalypse survival in Moscow’s metros
Azeem Banatwalla

Metro: Redux

Devloper: 4A Games Publisher: Deep Silver & Spike Chunsoft Platform: Steam Price: Rs 3,000.00...

Sanshey Biswas
Pricey guilty pleasure with a gorgeous display

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 Price: Rs 37,499 I had to choose between two 8-inch tablets for this week's review. One was a budget Windows 8 ta...

The sleep of reason produces monsters

The dark has always fascinated us, and scared us. Humans are creatures of the light, with our eyes serving as our most important sensory app...

The Smart Cup

There were smartphones, then smartwatches and now we have smartcups. Vessyl is basically a thermos that knows what you are drinking. It can differenti...

Forgotten interviews you don’t want to miss

'Lost' or neglected interviews with celebrities are always prime candidates to go viral on the Internet. This may happen...

Find your zen in a world of lists
Sanshey Biswas

There are alarm apps for the phone that launch a website when you hit the dismiss button. If you use it, this is a great...

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