The flippant uncertainty of the modern music listening process

For a very brief while, I was sheepishly pleased to hear of SoundCloud limiting the number of daily plays on external applications to 15,000 from 1 July. The platform has in the past proved to be usef...

A free upgrade to Windows 10?
Sanshey Biswas

Windows 10 is set to be the biggest release Microsoft is going to have since... forever. Getting rid of the rigidity that hampered Windows 8's, Window...

Radio rickshaws: Apps for your next ‘auto’ ride
Sanshey Biswas

Uber and Ola have thriving cab businesses, and have also recently added auto hiring services to their app. In addition to these established companies,...

The only purchase that you will ‘like’ this year
Sanshey Biswas was just the tip of the iceberg. Facebook is now in talks with publications to publish their articles on Facebook itself, so that a user ...

To free or not to free the internet at the cost of a uniform experience
Sanshey Biswas

The past couple of weeks have been quite exciting for Indians. First, the release, then Google's plans to bring Project Loon to India; th...

The Witcher 3: A true watershed moment in gaming
Azeem Banatwalla

The Witcher 3 – The Wild Hunt

Developer: CD Projekt RED Price: Rs 1,499 (PC) Platforms: Windows, PS 4, Xbox One It's been a cou...

Sanshey Biswas
More camera than phone

iBall mSLR Cobalt4 Rs 8,499 The iBall Cobalt is a phone that will stand out. Its back-panel has a nice velvety feel that's pleasant to hol...

“Wrong-headed approach to science and health”

At the time of writing this column, almost 900 people have died in India in the last month and a half due to Swine Flu, a disease caused by ...


Android app FreeImage 2nd Siri, Google Now and Cortana have come a long way, getting things done for you. But that final human touch you need to pla...

Aural rockets from the city of chaos

Mumbai, more than most, is a city so permanently identified by its sounds. Turn down the volume and all you're left with...

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