A sceptic’s examination of the Apple-IBM merger
Atul Dev

The tech world is abuzz with the newly forged global partnership between Apple and IBM. Last week the two companies announced in an official statement that they will be working together to "transform ...

Star Wars-inspired robot is a ‘fast learner’

If there was any further reason required to adore Star Wars, here it is: the world's smartest "family robot" was inspired by the film franchise. Jibo,...

New leaks: CIA spied on citizens

The new documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden reveal that the US government was spying on thousands of Muslim-Americans. A new stri...

SOS: Rescue a drowning phone
Keshav Khera

Many handset manufacturers are now designing waterproof bodies, but not everyone has a waterproof phone. So if you drop yours in water accidentally, w...

E3 2014: New titles reveal rich detail & immersive gameplay
Abhishek Thakur

The Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3), held in Los Angeles, is the largest gaming expo in the world, where video game publishers showcase their upco...

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George Soros buys stake in Facebook

NEW YORK: George Soros has spent more than $10m (£6.3m) acquiring a stake in Facebook, signalling a rare vote of confidence in the social-networking site after its troubled flotation in May. He purchased 341,000 of the social network's shares in the second quarter. But the share price of Facebook, which was co-founded by its chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, has dropped by more than a third since Mr Soros bought the stake. Indeed, the company's value has nearly halved since it floated at $38 three months ago, driven by investors questioning its long- term prospects. Honda launches robot lawn

The old school amusements of an RPG adventure
Rishi Alwani

Divinity: Original Sin

Developer: Larian Studios Publisher: Larian Studios Platform: PC, Mac Price: $40 (~Rs 2,400 via S...

Atul Dev
Speaker of the House: JBL Charge(d) with five stars

JBL Charge Price: Rs 7,200 JBL is an experienced player in the market when it comes to sound speakers, but its entry in portable Bluetooth...

Is the technology of money hacked?

We do not often think of technology when we think of money, at least not the usual people, who will be content to use a Debit Card with a mi...

Analog this

The thing about a smartwatch is that it's usually a little too funky to wear with anything except smart casuals. Withings Activaté find a way to get ...

Forgotten interviews you don’t want to miss

'Lost' or neglected interviews with celebrities are always prime candidates to go viral on the Internet. This may happen...

A playlist of prose: Longform from around the world
Atul Dev

Are you on the Internet? How much can you read? There are lists, news wires, features, reports, explanatory pieces, op-e...

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