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RAGINI BHUYAN  27th Oct 2012

Read works by Adil Jussawala (in photo) & Charu Nivedita on this site

They say poetry doesn't sell, and yet, our love of poetry has led to the emergence of a healthy and vibrant community of amateur poets and poet lovers online. Launched in late 2011, The Four Quarters (TFQ) magazine caters to a growing community of verse lovers who read avidly on electronic devices. Describing itself as a non-profit publishing venture from India that encourages creative writing in English, the magazine is published exclusively online, every three months. It is available for free and the magazine editors work on a purely honorary basis. The magazine's focus is on poetry, prose (fiction, non-fiction, experimental writing), as well as artwork and photography.

TFQ's readability is enhanced by its design, which allows readers to download, print and read it like a traditional print magazine, as well as read it like an online magazine on an Ipad or Kindle. So what delights does this magazine offer? Well, plenty in fact. The magazine's strength lies in its excellent poetry collection — featuring poets from all across the globe. From home grown poets to Tabasom, an Afghan poet, who under siege from the Taliban's ruthless regime, clandestinely wrote for the Afghan Women's Writing Project. Following the attack on Malala Yousufzai, Tabasom's (who recently died in a suicide bomb attack)works take on a special significance for readers.

In prose, watch out for extracts from Ashok Banker's Kali Quartet as well as poems by Adil Jussawalla. Other writers to watch out for include Aruni Kashyap, Sumana Roy, translations of the Tamil writer, Charu Nivedita's works, Nitoo Das, Ananya S. Guha, etc. Though relatively young, it offers readers some regular food for the mind in an accessible format.

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