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Zahid H. Javali is part-columnist, part-photographer, part-gadget guru and a full-time custom publisher.

Bluetooth keyboard for Apple devices

If you have iOS devices, Verbatim's Wireless Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard could be manna from heaven. However, you need to update your devices to iOS 4.0 or higher to get it going. The keyboard can be folded up until it's only the size of your palm for maximum portability and can be easily stored in the included carrying case. The accompanying removable stand that slides back inside the keyboard after use makes it convenient to boot. But the best part is that you can join up to six devices at the same time. The keyboard has an in-built media console, which allows you to play, pause and toggle playlists on iTunes; it also has volume controls. The hotkeys on the keyboard for cut, copy, paste, brightness, power off and device locking are an added bonus. Its portability means it isn't USB-powered, but works on two double-A batteries. Cost Rs 5,150.

Massaging your wrist lulls you to sleepImage 2nd

If you're one of those who toss and turn through sleepless nights, the Dreamate Sleep Inducer could well do the trick as an acupuncture sleeping gadget. The device uses a 'sleeping golden triangle' on your left wrist to massage pressure points to put you sleep. For best effects, strap on this watch-like wristband half an hour before you hit the bed. The best advantage of this is that you can sleep and wake up at your own time, essentially resetting your biological clock for good. This way, you could even sleep late but still feel refreshed the next day. It seems unreal, but the device activates pressure points that calm the body, lower stress levels and induce sleep. This device promises results in as little as a week, with best results after eight weeks. Cost Rs 3,960.

Dynamic mini GPS trackersImage 3rd

Being one among the smallest GPS trackers in its class, the Trackstick Mini Portable GPS Tracker has seven times more sensitivity than any other Trackstick model. It's built tough, thanks to its detachable weatherproof and shock-resistant case and magnetic mount. The best part is that it consumes less power, thanks to its vibration sensor that stops working when you stop moving. Measuring just 3.5 inches, the tracker is integrated into Google Earth so you can travel anywhere in the world. With a horizontal accuracy of 2.5 metres and the ability to track 12 satellites, it's dynamite in a small form factor. And you can recharge the built-in lithium-ion battery in an hour through your computer's USB port. Cost Rs 14,300..

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