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Drone wars: Take photos, get social, fly around the world
  23rd Aug 2014

A gorgeous aerial shot of Oyster Island, Santo Vanuatu

While the US and UK regulate drone usage in accordance with the CAA's (Civil Aviation Authority) guidelines, India is yet to set any such parameters. But with drones getting more accessible and affordable, rules haven't stopped the large flood of aerial photographs and videos from drones floating around on the world wide web. is a website that curates videos and pictures taken from UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). Users can sign in with an e-mail address to make their own contributions, or comment on existing posts.

With drones that are cheaper than a high-end smartphone, and Indian authorities being relaxed so far with drone regulations, we expect a lot of aerial footage from India to zip into the website soon.

Currently populated with footage from all over the world, images and videos are categorised under urban, country, industrial and sports; there is also a section called "crazy stuff", dedicated to drone fails and crashes. If you're looking for aerial footage of a particular place, feel free to use the search bar.

Clicking on a post allows you to take a closer look at it, and includes a description, comment section and map for the location where the video or picture was captured. Aerial videos with their customised soundtracks are engaging, and actually quite lovely to watch. If you have a virtual reality headset, is basically a safe flight around the world.

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