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Sanshey Biswas  11th Oct 2014

veryone's favourite tool for aggregating information from multiple websites has so far been RSS Feed. It lets you take control of what links you see and put them all in one place. With Google Reader's demise, Google Play Newsstand and Feedly made a market for themselves with clean layouts and intuitive user interfaces. Though they let you add sources to your account and lay them out in blocked arrangements, the process has more or less remained the same. The services bring together links from all your favourite websites, excluding social media.

Pluralapp wants to never leave your pinned tab. To acheive that goal, they let you do everything you could with an RSS reader and add feeds from your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Vimeo and Youtube accounts. Sign up on the website using your Facebook account or email, and jump into any website on the same layout.

The layout divides your screen into three vertical sections. The first holds all your account and app settings, the second lays out all the sources, and the third displays the article you select. To configure your account and add sources, the tiny plus sign at the bottom lets you add RSS Feed from a website via URLs or just by searching. The tiny stars next to it add the source to your favourites so that you don't have to look for them through the long list. Removing the sources is as easy clicking on the gears at the top and crossing off the sources you no longer need.

The website features the content on a coloured background and white text overwhelms the content. The time you can spend could be cut down by the appearance but its functionality makes up for the drawback. Pluralapp could be a great option for a homepage if you love your RSS and social feed.

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