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Funding platform helps kickstart offbeat projects
NIDHI GUPTA  18th Dec 2011

An art project that is currently up on Kickstarter

f you've ever 'brainstormed' about dream projects with friends over drinks, only to realise it would never work because you just don't have adequate resources to pull it off, this is the place for you. Kickstarter, a new funding platform for creative projects (the world's largest, as they claim), is fast becoming the most convenient one-stop shop for angel 'donors' and those who seek them out.

In line with the new concept of crowdfunding, where money is pledged by the few interested among the general public, Kickstarter bypasses the traditional headaches of loans and soaring interest rates. The premise is that any entrepreneur would need money to work on his ideas and if your project is interesting enough, it can attract moolah in hoards. However, fund-raising for all projects has a deadline—if the funding goal isn't reached, no money changes hands. Once funded and finished, projects and their outcomes/products are entirely owned by the creators, but they will be forever available to Kickstarter. Also, depending on the amount pledged, which can vary from $5 to however far the kindness of your heart stretches, the creators offer reward packs, which could be either regular updates on the work to free access to the product. Of course, all this only takes place once the projects have been approved by Kickstarter.

So if you've got an offbeat idea related to the arts, music, fashion, technology, film or anything under the sun for that matter, post it here to ensure your best possible chance to kickstart your enterprise. Pitch in, anyone?

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