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ICYMI: Sign out of spam for good
Sanshey Biswas  29th Aug 2015

Are you sick of spam in your inbox? (That’s not really a question.) Get, a web tool that tidies up all the clutter in your mailbox, filtering newsletters that you may or may not have subscribed to but keep getting pummelled by, day in, day out, day in, day out. Once you sign up, the service scans your entire inbox for promotional mails and letters you might have subscribed to during moments of weakness. It also locates emails you’ve been getting from services and companies that received your ID from a site you thought you could trust. Since the service generates a list of mailers, you can avoid unsubscribing from ones that you’d like to continue to receive mails from.
At the same time, it’s easier than doing it manually, where the Unsubscribe options are sometimes (always) stashed away in places that are hard to spot, compelling you to give up before you reach the button. Then there are the devious spammers who continue to bombard you with ONCE IN A LIFETIME offers well after you’ve requested them to remove you from their mailing list.

For all these situations, has effective solutions. You can unsubscribe or make all the unwanted mails accumulate under “Rollup”, which is a list of all these mails combined in one section. Not only does that make your inbox much lighter, it’s also much easier to spot mails that actually matter. The service works with all your devices — mobile, tablet or laptop. But if you have problems dealing with change, just use your conventional mail client and access the folder in it.

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