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Kawasaki’s Alltop: Aggregation without aggravation
  16th Aug 2014

Alltop homepage with trending feed from multiple websites and blogs was co-founded by Guy Kawasaki who has worked for Google, Apple and now is heading Canva design tool. The website is basically a list of topics, websites and their top five headlines. You can jump into a category to filter the list and find interesting content. The great part about is that it lets you create a MyAlltop section, which is yours to control. Add sources to the MyAlltop section and access it or share it with people using your username at the end of the website address. You can use the manage button to remove the feed you are no longer interested in. While browsing feeds, just click on the + next to the title to add it to MyAlltop section of the website. works by gathering RSS feeds from websites all over the Internet. You can find material on a number of different topics including work, health, technology, news and sports, which means you're likely to lose track of time once you get here. Just choose from the thousands of topics on offer and it will come up with more by the time you are done reading them.

Hot Topics and Holy Kaw! are great sections of the website. Featuring all the editor's favourites, this is where you'll find the best of the www.

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