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ICC Pro Cricket 2015 & Real Cricket 14
Pitch-high cricket fever runs deep in mobile gaming
Amit Goyal  7th Mar 2015

With the ongoing World Cup and the impending IPL, Cricket is at an all time high. Amidst high scoring games, explosive innings and the incredibly viral "Mauka" ads, it is impossible to ignore the action that is happening down under. Understandably, the action has made its way on the App Store and the Google Play Store as well, and a quick glance will lead you to a plethora of Cricket games.

Most of them are quick cash-ins, but we are going to talk about two games that are definitely worth your attention: Real Cricket 14, developed by the Hyderabad-based Nautilus Mobile, and ICC Pro Cricket 2015, developed by the Disney-owned Indiagames. Both these games are great Cricket simulations for your mobile devices, downloadable free from the App Store and the Play Store.

ICC Pro Cricket 2015

Developer & Publisher: Indiagames Ltd.

Platforms: iOS & Android

Price: Free

Pro Cricket'15 is the officially licensed game from the ICC, and will immediately wow you with the quality of its visual and animations. The game controls are built keeping in mind the modern conventions of touch devices. For example, instead of using meters and moving a cursor to define the pace and pitch of the ball, the game asks you to first select the length and then drag your finger across the pitch to select the trajectory of the ball. the faster you swipe, the quicker the ball. Batting utilizes a third person angle from behind the batsman, which is another step away from older Cricket games.

All this makes a very strong case for you to drop everything and download the game right away, but the game does come with its fair share of problems. The controls, while immersive, drag the game out a lot, making even a 5 over match last for a very long time. The game is also very aggressive on monetization. You start with a custom team of international players, and as you play on, you unlock new cards to add and remove members from your teams. Player cards are either awarded or can be purchased, but you'll be swapping them about a lot. The game's standard world tour mode requires you to have two members in your playing XI from the country where the match is happening, which can be rather annoying given that you have limited slots for your side.

Oh, and if you want to play the World Cup mode, you're going to have to cough up some cash up front. That said, given the game is free to play its worth trying out to see if it is to your liking.

Real Cricket 14

Developer & Publisher: Nautilus Mobile

Platforms: iOS & Android

Price: Free

Real Cricket'14 does not feature the level of polish you see in ICC Pro Cricket 2015, It opts for a very different art style as well. Instead of going for a realistic look, the game features a unique "hand drawn" art style. The game also utilizes a more traditional "button" based control scheme, where batting is handled by choosing the direction of the shot on a mini-map and then choosing the shot from the three available options. Getting the timing and shot selection right is paramount to scoring runs, as there is very little room for improvisation. Bowling is also controlled using cursors and meters to choose the pace, length and swing/spin of the ball.

Within this array of controls, however, the game plays very well. Most importantly, it is faster-paced, and time taken to complete matches is much lesser. The game is also not very aggressive on monetization. All teams are unlocked in the game, with the option to play exhibition matches initially. As you play more, you earn coins that can unlock new game modes and better gear. The developers recently released the World Cup update, which is completely free to play.

Which of these two games you'd like is entirely dependent on personal preferences. ICC Pro Cricket 2015 features better visuals and more immersive controls, but is slower and stingier. Real Cricket'14 is more generous and pacy, but does not match up to its competitor in visuals. Either way, with both games being Free to play, there's no reason not to try them both out before picking your poison.

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