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Redefining gender issues prevalent in today’s times
NIDHI GUPTA  13th Nov 2011

he word feminism usually brings to mind a militant bra-burning fight for women's rights; however, we've come a long way since then. Gender Across Borders (GAB) is 'a global feminist blog' that engages in critical conversation about various issues regarding gender, sex, orientation, race and class, which are particularly relevant in a time when notions of gender are being redefined all over the world. Created in April 2009 by a young visionary Emily Heroy, the blog has grown from being a simple monologue to a full-fledged engagement with society, NGOs and governments on these issues. The website is divided into sections on activism, health, education, film and TV, literature, music, queer issues and race and ethnicity. Drawing from multimedia strains, including literature, journalistic reports, documentaries, music and the performing arts, a vibrant editorial board aims to educate and advocate on issues central to any individual. From busting beauty myths to talking about safe sex, GAB covers the good, the bad and the ugly of gender-related issues. Their key areas of focus are third-world countries. The site explores different world cultures and investigates the crossroads between centuries-old patriarchal social norms and the relatively new human rights framework. The writers, ranging from students to academic intellectuals, all present different ways of interpreting the 'gaze' and dealing with it. GAB has built a space for candid talk, and frankness is encouraged from all who visit and read this blog.

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