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Robots are taking over the world
AKHIL SOOD  22nd Aug 2015

In terms of propensity to infuriate, website developers rank only a notch or two above call centre "executives". Need a new widget for video content? That'll set you back 10,000 big ones. Have a deadline next week? They'll deliver within a month or two, if they feel like it. Want a blue background? They will give you a bright orange one instead, as long as their internet isn't down. You say tomato and they will, without a doubt, chuck a potato at you. What if they didn't have to exist though? can potentially make that happen. They have an AI that will sense all your website development needs — sure, template designs have existed ever since blogs started putting real, proper, hot-blooded journalists such as ourselves out of work, and you could go for a standard Blogspot or Tumblr or Wordpress design if you're still living in the dark ages. But we live in a world where this-optimisation and that-optimisation are key to more hits and more advertising revenue and digital infamy. will understand your requirements as you feed it information, and evolve in sync with your evolving needs. So, for instance, if you have a photo-heavy web page that you want, The Grid ensures that the typography and colour contrast is suited to that particular style. As your website grows, Grid will constantly update and recalibrate itself to keep up with the times. It does this through a sh*t ton of algorithms or something.

The Grid is currently in closed beta, so it technically hasn't fully launched yet. You can visit the website and become a "founding member", of which there are 57,118 already. (Wait, it just became 57,119.) It's a paid thing, so you will need to shell out a locked in rate of $8 a month, but the best things in life are never free. And whoever said robots taking over the world is a bad thing?

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