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Share your web woes with Surfly
Atul Dev  14th Jun 2014

How often have you found yourself trying to install software from the Internet with an exasperated someone giving you instructions over the phone because you just can't figure it out yourself? Or trying to get your mother to give net banking a go? Or, well, how to jailbreak an iPhone? These are general problems that most of us run into — if you're techno-savvy, or around old people all the time, you'll be the guy being asked to help out all the time. If you're the one that's stuck, you're going to be begging friends to help out.

Except, telephonic conversations can be irritating for both parties at these times. So Surflly has come up with a more elegant solution — one that allows you to share browsing sessions with someone distant, who can demonstrate the answer to all your questions, live, on your screen.

Surfly was founded by Nicholas Piël and Denis Bilenko, to make communication via the Internet more useful and friendly for those who haven't spent a big part of their lives with computers. "We are passionate about making complex things simple," the website declares.

There are, of course, a lot of other things that you can also use Surfly for — group-browsing sessions with your friends, for instance.

We like that the site's neat, minimal design that goes beyond the aesthetic. No desktop applications, no toolbars and no plugins. Surfly is what we would recommended you to have shared browsing sessions over all the other clunky tools you may have come across so far.

Atul Dev

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