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Social networking allows music mixing with a twist
NIDHI GUPTA  30th Oct 2011

ixed-tapes were seen as the coolest thing in the'90s, when creating and recording your own playlists was a fad much followed. With the launch of digitalised music and the iPod, however, the well-worn cassettes and cherished CDs got relegated to dust-gathering boxes in storage rooms. Being a Disc Jockey meant you were usually relegated to clubs, but offers music mixers an Internet radio with a twist. This website allows its users to create and listen to virtual randomised or theme-based playlists of their favourite songs. Unlike Pandora, which allows personalised radio, 8tracks creates a social networking platform for music lovers. You can upload MP3s to craft a playlist, add a description and art to provide context and publish their mix on 8tracks along with a personal webpage. Once you have created your playlists, each with eight songs or more, you can share them like you would share photos or links on Facebook. You even have the option to follow friends or people whose music you like and comment on their playlists. Like any other Internet radio website, visitors also have the option of listening to the music as a guest. The process is entirely legal, as the company pays license fees for all the songs used by its members. 8tracks, which was listed among Time magazine's 50 Best Websites of All Time this year for its personalised music-sharing possibilities, brings the fun element back to the business of listening to music online. It recently launched an iPhone app and is already available as a plug-in on Wordpress and other blogging platforms. We'd recommend 8tracks to those who want to find new music and revive old styles.

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