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Sweet jukebox o’ mine
Sanshey Biswas  13th Sep 2014

One of the most looked-for service providing websites are of music discovery. As someone for whom music is the daily drug of choice, the pursuit of new music never ends. There are more websites than we can mention that do a great job of understanding a user's taste and suggesting just the right track. My search for a website was not to find the perfect solution but one that doesn't solely depend on our taste in music to suggest the next track. Just like fate, Musicovery was hiding in a corner of the web with a rich mix of popular songs ranging from the pre- '50s to the 2010s. I even found pre - '50s Miles Davis on a far end of the graph while Bruno Mars sat on the other extreme end.

The website and the mobile app offer a map of coloured plots in a tiny square box. The horizontal axis depicts the vibe (mood) of the track while the vertical depicts the energy. Hover over the colourful map to experience what is literally music to the ears. Choose which genres show up with a couple of clicks on the tabs under the map. Once you click on a plot, the map shifts to the side presenting a custom-made playlist based on your choice. If you are signed in, you can mark a song as liked or disliked, thus providing you with more relatable music then onwards.

The real rockstar of the website is the LAB. Just click on the lab hyperlink at the top of the website and you will have a comprehensive list of the most liked music from pre-'50s to 2010s. Experiencing the transformation of music is as simple at dragging the mouse from the extreme left of the page to the other end. 

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