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Sanshey Biswas

This retro watch is your new fitness trainer

Garmin vívofit

Price: Rs 9,990

I've spent a day with the Garmin Vivofit and it's been a love-hate relationship despite the short time span. The packaging was not the finest and contained a routine instruction manual, two identical straps and the main unit. The Vivofit is a rectangular eraser-like watch head with a non-backlit LED display. It uses Bluetooth to sync with the phone app and doesn't need a new battery for roughly 12 months. Garmin has bands of different colours that you could purchase separately, but if you do buy the Garmin Vivofit, it won't be for the look and feel of it. The strap catches moisture and makes the skin itch, necessitating regular adjustments. The main unit of the device is sealed with four screws that make sure that the device stays functional even at 50 metres underwater.

What's appealing about this device is the simplicity with which it keeps you wanting to move around. The display keeps displaying the number of calories you have burnt that day and the single button interface lets you flip through the time, date, steps and distance covered on foot. This persistent reminder makes you want to get off your cosy chair and walk around, even if it's to get a cup of coffee. The app asks for your height, weight and other details, based on which it suggests the number of steps you should cover everyday and runs it as a countdown till midnight.

All the data can be viewed as graphical and statistical analysis on the mobile app that syncs to the device wirelessly. Long-pressing the only button lets you switch between sync, pair or sleep modes. If you place value on its twin abilites to go a year without charging and helping you keep track of your daily activity targets without needing a phone app, Garmin Vivofit might interest you despite its uncomfortable strap and watch face from the '80s.

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