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Weave your own memory timeline with Joognu
RAGINI BHUYAN  1st Jun 2013

A lot of parents invest in their kid's future via financial instruments that mature when the child turns 18. is a website that works on this same principle, except that it doesn't offer money or tangibles, but memories instead. The site allows parents to upload photos, videos, letters and notes, and also documents like paintings, birth certificates, property documents, insurance copies, etc. Those religiously inclined can also scribble down their prayers. All of this is woven together into a timeline format, which can then be gifted to the child when he/she turns 18. Apparently the idea came about when the founder, Anirvan Dam realised that he wanted a site where he could upload all of these at one place, instead of storing them at one site.

All of this is offered currently for free, as the owners believe that they want to charge for extra space only once they have developed a significant support base of users. According to the site, they currently have over 20,000 users in 45 countries. Clearly, privacy is a serious concern in any endeavour that deals with people's private information. So how do they plan to ensure that all of this information is not going to fall in the wrong hands? They have used the services of Amazon Web Services, a web hosting server company, and the site promises that they provide the highest level of security and backup data storage facility. Nonetheless, we remain somewhat sceptical. We don't know what shape the internet will take five years from now; leave alone 18 years later when it's actually time to gift these memories to the child.

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