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Yodel and make music with drum tee
NIDHI GUPTA  18th Dec 2011

emember Tarzan beating his chest and yodelling at the same time? That may not have qualified as music, but this new electronic drum t-shirt, which lets you do pretty much the same thing (only not as violently, and the yodelling is optional). Although musical apparel has been around for a while now, this one's exceptional because it features not one but nine built-in drum kits, including rock drums, techno punk drums, classic jazz drums and scratchy ones too. You can tap on these to create rhythms and loops, which can be recorded for three minutes at a stretch. The shirt comes with a small amplifier box that you can attach to your belt, which lets you act as DJ for those around you. Cost Rs 1,599

Bring your living room to life sans 3D glassesImage 2nd

3D televisions have thronged the market and though they generated enough interest, they haven't really had a very good response in terms of sales. However, Philips has now come out with an auto-stereoscopic 3D model known as the BDL4251VS. The special feature in this model is that you don't need special 3D glasses to view programmes in three dimensions. Developed specially in association with Dimenco, a 3D technology company, the product also boasts of the widest viewing angle in the market. At 42", this model is touted as a unique innovation that brings your viewing experience alive from any angle in the living room. Of course, if you do not like 3D or are among those that cannot stomach dinosaurs coming at you, the TV has a 2D option available too. Cost yet to be revealed

No more wires!, with Innergie Magic CableImage 3rd

We love our gadgets dearly, but the accompanying wires and cables can sometimes get too much to handle. Innergie Magic Cable is a simple and perfect solution if you often find yourself tugging at entangled wires. It integrates connectors for micro USB, mini USB and Apple's 30-pin dock connector in a single power and sync cable. It has a multi-tip design, with three connectors that nest within each other. Yes, it is true that mobile companies agreed to make recharge outputs uniform in the form of the micro-USB, but even so, there are a number of gadgets that can't be connected so simply. Innergie's compact and efficient cable is supposedly compatible with more than 10,000 USB devices, making it a must-have accessory. Cost Rs 1,072 — Nidhi Gupta

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