420: How a secret shorthand became protest and picnic rolled into one

20 April, apart from being the birthday of Adolf Hitler, is now synonymous with the cannabis subculture. On 4/20 at 4:20 p.m., thousands of aficionados — or merely people in favour of legalisation ...

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Olive Bistro
Cyber Hub, Shop No 101, DLF Cyber City, Phase 2, Gurgaon
Ph: 0124) 651 8803, +91 81308 38811
Meal for two: Rs.(without alcohol): Rs 2,500 + taxes
19th Apr

As a child, I was never allowed to touch the bread basket or my Fanta till the food I had ordered arrived at the table of whatever restaurant we were ...

Isha Singh Sawhney
Who’d have thunk it? Music channels are the new change agents

In an advertisement on Channel [V], a girl reads the paper with the headlines "Katrina Kaif learns Hindi". She turns to the camera and says,...

Shalaka Pai
Urban Urchin
I’m still not on board with weddings, but I make a great guest

You know how the rom-com movies go: "She'd pictured her dream wedding ever since she was a little girl, right down to the cut of the poofy w...

Mexico frees 179 kidnapped migrants

Modi, Chidambaram exchange insults

"I voted for the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), because no other party has been willing to listen to our problems, let alone committing to a solution."

Vinod Kumar

Autorickshaw Driver

Q. How old are you and since when have you lived in Delhi? A. I am 41 years old and I was born and ...

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I can’t leave my family for my lover

I have been stuck in a loveless marriage for the last 20 years. Of late, a neighbour has been expressing interest in me. I don’t know if his intentions are honourable, but I am flattered and touched at finally receiving the kind of attention that I always wanted. My husband is a nice fellow, but I am increasingly getting more involved with this neighbour. I think I have hidden things very well from my son and husband. I can’t contemplate the idea of a divorce as I love my son and I am afraid that my husband will get custody since my boy is fonder of my husband.

Madhu, 45


Singer: Coldplay

Record Label: Parlophone

Music Director:


It was spring 2000. The band members of Coldplay had just finished recording Shiver, their first son...

I am 19, two-weeks pregnant and married to an adulterer

Q. I'm 19, got married three months ago against my family's wishes and recently discovered that I am two weeks pregnant. So I'm in a real soup, becaus...

"Youth offers the promise of happiness, but life offers the realities of grief. "

Nicholas Sparks

Rahul V. Modi: The Rap Debate

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