Silver is a shade of grey: Gaurav Raina on his dark, lyrical songs
Payel Majumdar

At a recent Friday event at blueFROG Delhi, Gaurav Raina, producer and one half of Midival Punditz, was a familiar face. This evening, he was there minus his partner-in-crime, Tapan Raj, to launch the...

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Mumbai Matinee: The Bollywood Café
J 19, Sector-18, Noida
Ph: 012004201686
Meal for two: Rs.800
18th Oct

As I ensconced myself on a rectangular cushion at Mumbai Matinee, a three-month-old café in Noida, Raj Kapoor stared at me from the poster of Mera Na...

Juhi Pande
Much Ado About Everything
Safety nets, dads and travel insurance

How much you are loved can be gauged not by the big, ostentatious gestures but by instances and actions so slight that they may easily be mi...

Shalaka Pai
Urban Urchin
The importance of abandoning maps and getting lost

Our first or second week in Prague, one of our favourite professors rhapsodised about the importance of getting lost. "You're documentary fi...

ISRO successfully launches navigation satellite IRNSS1C

China issues ‘warning’ to India over border road construction

"We have a paratha that tastes like pizza"


Paratha Vendor

Q. What are your working hours? A. We open at 8 p.m. and work till we run out of material or if it'...

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I can’t leave my family for my lover

I have been stuck in a loveless marriage for the last 20 years. Of late, a neighbour has been expressing interest in me. I don’t know if his intentions are honourable, but I am flattered and touched at finally receiving the kind of attention that I always wanted. My husband is a nice fellow, but I am increasingly getting more involved with this neighbour. I think I have hidden things very well from my son and husband. I can’t contemplate the idea of a divorce as I love my son and I am afraid that my husband will get custody since my boy is fonder of my husband.

Madhu, 45


Singer: Coldplay

Record Label: Parlophone

Music Director:


It was spring 2000. The band members of Coldplay had just finished recording Shiver, their first son...

I’m in love with a foodie who’s got diabetes

Q. We got into a physical relationship while in school and now we're both in our second year of college. It was still great but now it's suddenly gone...

"Youth offers the promise of happiness, but life offers the realities of grief. "

Nicholas Sparks

Nike Football: The Last Game ft. Ronaldo, Neymar Jr., Rooney, Zlatan, Iniesta & more

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