With these ‘ultra rich’ matrimonial services, money can (finally) buy you love

Good things come in small packages. Or Exclusive Packages. Or Premium Packages. Or Confidential Packages. It all depends, really — the fatness of your wallet and how much you're willing to part with...

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Cyber Hub
Cyber Hub, Cyber City, Gurgaon
Ph: +91 88006 90419
Meal for two: Rs.1500
20th Sep

Cyber Hub is easily the best thing that's happened to Gurgaon in a long time. For those who work in one of the gazillion offices that surround it, it'...

Isha Singh Sawhney
Selfphenomenon hits new levels of crazy

Chances are, you haven't heard of mushiba mitaina poozu or "cavity hurts" pose. The Japanese, constantly burdened with a burning need to be...

Juhi Pande
Much Ado About Everything
The one easy way to avoid a pre-wedding meltdown

Very little is said about achieving zen via the route of escapism; that absolute peace of mind that comes from forced ignorance. I've waltze...

Supreme Court cancels 214 illegal coal block allocations

23 feared dead as bus falls into reservoir in Himachal Pradesh

" I have taught myself to read a little bit of English as well, but I’m not very confident about it right now."

Prajapati (26)

Fruit Seller

Q. When did you come to Delhi? A. I was born and brought up in Delhi. My parents moved here a few m...

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I can’t leave my family for my lover

I have been stuck in a loveless marriage for the last 20 years. Of late, a neighbour has been expressing interest in me. I don’t know if his intentions are honourable, but I am flattered and touched at finally receiving the kind of attention that I always wanted. My husband is a nice fellow, but I am increasingly getting more involved with this neighbour. I think I have hidden things very well from my son and husband. I can’t contemplate the idea of a divorce as I love my son and I am afraid that my husband will get custody since my boy is fonder of my husband.

Madhu, 45


Singer: Coldplay

Record Label: Parlophone

Music Director:


It was spring 2000. The band members of Coldplay had just finished recording Shiver, their first son...

My husband keeps a tab on my earnings

Q. I'm a 22-year-old jewellery designer and own a small showroom — it's actually my dad's, who passed away in January last year.  One of my fri...

"Youth offers the promise of happiness, but life offers the realities of grief. "

Nicholas Sparks

Nike Football: The Last Game ft. Ronaldo, Neymar Jr., Rooney, Zlatan, Iniesta & more

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