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Rohit Gupta (@fadesingh on Twitter) is a mathematician who thinks the universe is a hologram projected by a microscopic disco ball.

Be a Frequent Flyer (on paper planes in Eight Dimensions)

ong ago, I considered the possibility where someone could release air from the anus with a force formidable enough to defeat the downward pull of gravity. Whether some yogi can use the human alimentary canal as a jet propulsion device remains to be seen, but for now I have a better idea.

All around us, at ground level, the human world is awash in particles that come from outer space. An invisible raining sea of cosmic rays, passing through which we are like fishes who don't know of water. These waves of speeding subatomic particles include protons, electrons, neutrinos and their antimatter counterparts. Some of them interact with ions in the atmosphere, or the nuclei of gases high above, and produce a secondary shower of particles like kaons and pions which quickly decay into muons that penetrate the earth's surface. Manufacturers of computer processor chips know that very often such particles from space can cause errors in computation, or even alter the memory bits (called 'soft errors' or 'single event upset').

Cosmic rays may have played a greater role in the evolution of life on our planet than hitherto suspected. Reflect upon the fact that they also continually pass through the human body and more importantly, the human brain. The brain maintains a highly dynamic electromagnetic field which is generated by a large ensemble of events, like neurons firing and other electrochemical fireworks. When cosmic particles pass through the brain they also bring an electromagnetic field with them. All the time two wind-rippled sheets of electromagnetism are passing through each other inside us. The interaction of these sheets, interleaving and penetrating, may be responsible for significant phenomenon. Perhaps the sheets and fields do so only under specific conditions that depend on the brain itself.

The mind is the joystick of the body, and the body is the environment of the mind; they are locked in a closed feedback loop that can be modulated, to some extent.

Neuro-imaging techniques already in wide use confirm that certain thoughts and physical actions correspond to particular field patterns in the brain. Monks, athletes and monkeys have been tested for them. One way to toggle and sculpt these brain patterns at will is through altering one's thoughts, either by the use of drugs, meditation or physical stimuli. The mind is the joystick of the body, and the body is the environment of the mind; they are locked in a closed feedback loop that can be modulated, to some extent. What one needs to find is that set of mental states, which interacts with the cosmic particle shower in a predictable manner. Perhaps dreams are related to such a mental state.

t these times when the body shifts gears in order to take rest, the brain and the whole neurological system change drastically. Are dreams the result of our brain interacting with cosmic rays? Is this why they seem to defy the laws of physics? So many people (including myself) experience weightlessness while falling asleep, or an out of body experience. Dreams could offer us a completely new physics in hidden dimensions, if during sleep the brain becomes entangled with this invisible sea of alien debris, like a cosmic ray observatory.

More and more people are using retail headsets, such as Emotiv, which control computers via electroencephalograms of the human brain. Perhaps one day, we will be able to train ourselves to touch the cosmic rays simply with a mental image.

We can draw shapes inside the mind using sound. The sound makiliki makes us think of something like a zigzagged line, and ooooroom of something circular. Music draws shapes and complex geometries in the mind. A 4-D hypercube standing still in the rain of muons passing through the brain could feel them! We could harness the cosmic rays and use the thrust to accomplish something very physical. The right geometric structure would use the momentum of cosmic ray thrust much like a yacht uses the wind, or a solar sail uses the wind from the sun.

I imagine some kind of paper plane in 7 or 8 dimensions will glide upon a horizontal flux of cosmic wind, lifting the human body up, and the first homo sapien will take flight without the aid of a metallic eagle.

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